Retrospective and Motion Week

I've been on my first holiday to Finland last weekend. There I met some old friends, as well as some new, and had a great time.

The typeface is getting a litle more character and caracters. I'm going easy on the development, as I'm in no hurry. It's getting really grotesque and I like it, fuck the humanism. My first intended use for the font is to make a few b/w posters and flyers for a café downtown. Fresh typography doesn't need that much other stuff by it's side. The main future trends in digital media that my class found in our research were:
  • Mobility
  • Interactivity
  • Community
  • MashUp
  • Personality
This week is a motion week. We're getting down with Flash ans AfterFX. In Flash I've been going deeper into the world of particles. As my intention is to do typography with particles, I made a little antigravity demo yesterday. Click for 50 UP. Today I opened AfterEffects for the first time. We should make some short bumper for a imaginary nature show. I somehow associated my idea to palstic animals.